Carbon Fiber Guqin // 8July2016

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cf guqin paper proposal chin+engl

1 Project Raison d’etre


cf guqin work in progress pics vgd

4 Photos

cf guqin final report june2016 eng1+2

2 Intro in English

cf final report engl first 3+4 gd

3 Intro in Chinese

cf guqin work in progress pics vgd

4 Photos

cfHDD+HDD fir

5 close up of skins in wood, and in cf


6 weight 2.38grm


Transparent wood : new material by Lars Berglund.

Researchers Develop See-Through Wood That Looks Just Like Glass, almost totally transparent
University of Maryland

current size: 5 x 5 ” blocks.  (gd enough for me!)


Transparent wood invented by composite specialist, Swedish Scientist Lars Berglund

Berglund created a technique that begins with thin strips of wood veneer. Using a process similar to chemical pulping, he strips the lignin—which gives wood its brownish color—from the veneer pieces. Once the lignin has been stripped from the wood and replaced with a polymer, a one-millimeter strip of Berglund’s composite is 85% transparent—a number that Berglund thinks he will be able to increase over time.

Zheng Mingzhong 鄭珉中

reference on facebook
by: Victor Waitao Cheng
鄭偉滔 shared 中國民族音樂‘s photo.
中國民族音樂's photo.

中國民族音樂 : 樂人之部


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Chinese folk music: the music of ministry
Cheng Wei Tao
Video: preface
Gong 1. A, 2., Wu Wenguang 3. Into Gongliang, 4. Li xiangting carrier, 5. D, 6. Tube, 7. Pinghu Zha Fuxi, 8. Wu Jinglüe, 9. Zhang Ziqian, 10. Yang new Alan, 11. XU 12. Lap Sun, advice sauze, 13. Gu Mui Soup, 14. XU, white $ 15. Xia 16. A Peak, Lau Chun, less than 17. Cheng afternoon ka, 18. David Chung lok, 19. Choi Yoon-Germany, 20. Yao c yan said Mason, 21., 22. Public Yao White, 23. Yu Arab sanguinea, 24. Thanks hyo ping, 25. Xu Jian, 26. PU snow jì, 27. Wang Meng Wong Shu, 28., 29. Snow-Fai Chan-Lam, Satomi Chan 30. Available, 31. Liang Ming Viet, 32. Dr, Chung-High 33. Ma life, 34. Xia Lin Residence, 35. Dragon Boat, violin 36. Lok Ying, 37. James Chéng Autumn 38. Ding ji park, 39. Xu Hiu Ying, 40. Wu Zhaoji, 41. Jung-min,(…… To be continued)
41, Jung-min in
Jung-min, in the words of Mr. from the vulnerable, no piano marceau, nán guō origin fujian minhou, jì jí sichuan cuarteron, a second three-year sojourn in Beijing born sweetness of musicians, on the occasion of the early childhood education-and guqin calligraphy. One of the four to six years in the work of the palace museum, successive section, crew member, deputy head of unit, successive generations of art group, law books, etched group painting group, tóng qì group, art group, lazuli group, processes, team leader, assistant researcher . Nineteen eighty-three years as deputy researcher, nineteen eighty-six years in the ministry of culture for the evaluation of the research librarian, granted the ancient crafts history professional research librarian title certificate, a four-year post-retirement continue fǎn pìn, o years hired For National Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee members, enjoy a special state allowance treatment.
Had childhood with east, Wang Xing Li Bath Astrology Jean, the lam yanbo, Wang Margaret Switzerland studying painting, four o years to learn the piano was Mr. Guan Pinghu Door, exhausted before the ship to go to school, start over, six years Only xi night between pin, down, Narcissus drill etc-third song. One of the four seven years coaching, piano in the award of the painter pu snow Mr. Fasting at home, in their learning and to painting, Calligraphy, and at that time in Tokyo with celebrities and famous guqin home launch “Beijing Institute” Piano, attended conferences to Nga episode. A four-year “Beijing guqin study will be” established, participated in the activities of the previous recital and sets, a mid-nineties was elected Vice-President, as the faction guqin travels jean.

cf m#2, next model… “Whos in the Qin 琴中人”

Whos in the Qin started after I have seen a news item about Qian Long Emporeur, he had a single board qin.  And according to the auction people, it sounds v gd.

single board qin

So I asked Master Tian Shuang Kun, do you think this single board qin would sound good?  He said, no.  You need a back board to make the sound resonate, however he said, a qin which has a not-tight fit between the top and bottom boards sound better than one that is closed completely and hermetically.

So I thought, to test if this is true, why not make one that has a removable bottom board? then we could hear for ourselves whats the difference?  So I made a maquette of my idea, a qin with a removable bottom plate.

Master Tian looked at it, and said, this is something he has never seen anyone done before.  He has been making qins for over  50 years, he thinks this model will have a very gd sound.

I make carbon fiber guqins for my own pleasure and curiosity.  I make it as an art object. It is not a musical toy.

So for the second model of CF guqin, I will make the “Who’s in the qin” – and this will be done after the full size wood version is completed, this way we could compare both the material and the with/without bottom sound board test.

Just like Half HunDun, there is a wood HHD and a cf HHD.

The “Who’s in the Qin?” will have a cf Who”






Carbon Fiber Guqin : cfHHD, string tensions


cf HHD

Everyday I test the cfHHD to see how the strings are doing.  Its pretty good, every 2 days it slips half a note.  Which is usual w all new strings.  Usually you put the strings on and let it stretch to get to a stabled tension.  After a month or so, take them all off and re-string at the new tension of the newly stretched strings.

In our case here, the body of the cf qin is also getting used to the tension of 7 strings; high stress.  The whole body will be trying to distribute the tension evenly.  Will we see any change in the skin?   If yes what and where should we strengthen, the inside the outside,  where to get rid of the extra “weight”, over building?  This will all take time; aging.

Whole thing slips – means you could play by yourself, the key would be shifted down; but if you want to play in an orchestra/ with others, then your tuning must match the others.  It must be standard tuning.

Standard tuning 440hz : Zheng Diao 正調 :  

string 1:  C  65.3hz   string 2:   D  73.4hz    string 3:   F 87.5hz   string 4:    G 98.7hz   string 5:   A 109.9hz   string 6:  C 131hz     string 7:  D 147hz

My thumb has an inflammation condition after fiddling with the strings so much in such a short time, first time this happened.

Could play qin, but cant do anything that requires force.

Things happen when you least expected it.

“Empires”, installation by Huang YongPing 黄永砯, at Grand Palais, Paris. May 2016

“Empires”, installation by Huang YongPing 黄永砯, at Grand Palais, Paris.  May 2016

wyp 1wyp 2wyp 3 installation at Grand Palais. “Empires”
Lots of people, I felt like the space, the 250m long aluminum snake and shipping containers made an impressive ensemble – invasive from soft to hard – you have to be tough to be in this environment. Monsters coming at us…

The walking in the snakes belly idea seems to me a merging of “Chinese Garden Corridors” and “food for the snake” moving along the digestive system stomach; all along the sides containers coming and going to various destinations around the world, merchandises from everywhere and especially, from where? All this ends up in a giant Napoleon’s hat – isnt this smart? Where do all these things go? Could it have been going off into various lung cells? etc no. It goes to a symbol of desire for power, and a historical achievement of power; now all this the food that is ingested is regardless of who and where, all feeds into this hat. There is a kind of animal that could swallow elephants, and a kind of grass, that lives inside a worm, and finally, kills the worm and takes the shape and form of the worm. Its a v gd use of the huge glass structure, the snake moving from low to high weaving in waves – the visual movements are beautiful. So what do I think, its a very successful installation. And it fits the requirement of a large scale public event. Everybody could see and feel something from this work, immediate impact.

One point aside, a lot of work in the virtual world uses giant scale installations – because its not so easy to get it done in real life but the idea is very common – is the idea = realisation? Of course not, anybody could have an idea, have a hundred ideas a day, but getting it to become reality takes much more other considerations from contextual collaboration to taking care of details. So, bravo. I am not sure that I “really” love this work and that it is magnificent in everyway, but overall speaking, you cannot deny its power and artistic achievement.

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“菊花與劍” – —> “梅花與琴” (caption for a photo) and now, how about…”龍蛇與人”